Guided Imagery and Medical Hypnosis

Dr. Hillel Mazansky on Samira’s Show:

A personal invitation from Dr. Mazansky

Who Is Hillel Mazansky, M.D.?

Dr. Mazansky is a board certified physician, who practices MEDICAL HYPNOSIS, GUIDED IMAGERY, NUTRITION & EXERCISE. He has chosen to focus all of his efforts on treating and healing people in a manner that doesn’t require potentially harmful prescription drugs, hormone replacement therapy, x-rays or invasive studies.

What You Will Receive:

  • A 90 minute in-office consultation consisting of Medical Hypnosis and a Guided Imagery session (depending on the patient’s diagnosis)
  • Comprehensive nutritional analysis with a specifically designed, individualized nutrition program.
  • Exercise program specifically designed for the patient’s requirements.
  • All the doctor’s patients receive weekly complementary 15-minute telephonic or Skype consultations, and then monthly, once resolution has occurred. (No limitations)
  • If you purchase one of the doctor’s hypnosis videos online, you will also receive these same benefits as above

To purchase a medical hypnosis video, click here

What People Are Saying About Hillel Mazansky’s Guided Imagery and Medical Hypnosis Treatments:

“I had my first Guided Imagery Session with Dr. Hillel Mazansky yesterday afternoon! What an experience…I met him through good friends Victoria Moore and Lynnis Woods-Mullins who referred him to me for my father to help teach and maintain positivity & health to fight off disease…and he is fantastic! After listening to my father’s session I said to myself I could probably benefit from a session to assist me with decreasing stress and maintaining focus to complete set goals. The session opened my eyes on how to stay grounded, my personal nutrition plan to prevent disease and visualization practices to take away or lessen any pains I was experiencing due to my running! Just learning to lessen the weight of the world off my shoulders and enjoy life too! Brilliant Doctor! Please visit his page and LIKE! …and visit his website!”
– Michelle Lopez Casten

“I had Dr. Hillel Mazansky on my show talking about Guided Imagery and he is amazing. I highly recommend him and that is why I felt good about referring him to Michelle. He is a Medical Doctor with an amazing knowledge on how the mind works. If any of you have a special health problem and the traditional methods are not working, I strongly suggest you contact Dr. Mazansky. Here is the interview we did with him on “The Wellness Journey!”
– Lynnis Woods-Mullins

“Dr. Hillel Mazansky has empowered me to heal my personal ailments through the use of guided imagery. Since we live on opposite sides of the country, he has been compassionate enough to provide his expertise and guided imagery services via telephone. I don’t know of any other doctor in ANY field, especially such a specialized practice of medicine, who would go to such great lengths to help a person. In the last 2 ½ years no medications or medical treatments have been able to help until I began treatment with Dr. Mazansky and found the relief I had sought.”
– Katie Swinehart

“Dr. Mazansky is very personable and demonstrates expertise. His office is welcoming and he treats the client with the utmost respect and has genuine concern for others.
I would recommend him in a heartbeat.”
– Sheila Baghbeh

To contact us, call us at +1 858 320-0021, email us at, or click here.

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 4:00 pm (Pacific Time)

(We are closed for lunch from noon to 1:00 pm daily)